Turn Your Building or Office Green

H&L Electric can help make your office or building as environmental friendly as possible.  Con Edison and NYSERDA offer various rebates and incentives to help reduce your electricity bill and help keep the environment clean.  H&L Electric can help you maximize the return on your investment by implementing environmentally friendly solutions that come at no or minimal cost to you. These include installation of occupancy / daylight  sensors, LED lighting, and replacement or retrofit of fluorescent fixtures with  high performance / reduce wattage fixtures.

For more information how H&L Electric can make your office green, please contact us.


Environmental Statement

H&L Electric is fully committed to being an environmentally friendly and responsible company. We achieve this goal by taking numerous steps both in our office and at our job sites.  These include:


1.  Certifications

H&L Electric has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2009. We currently have a LEED Accredited Professional on staff and additional employees are in the process of becoming certified.


2. Business Practices / Operations

Within our office we recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal.   Any new electronic equipment we buy is Energy Star compliant where applicable. Old electronic devices are either donated or recycled.  Our lighting system is centrally controlled to ensure all lights are turned off at the end of the day.  The Air Conditioning and Heating system is controlled via programmable thermostats to ensure minimal use during the day and off-peak hours.

At our job sites, where applicable, we participate in the recycling of existing removed items and excess installation material and packaging.


3. Training and Education

H&L Electric encourages our employees to become a LEED AP.  As an incentive, we offer to cover the cost of classes and testing for the exam.