Data Centers

Since the company’s founding, data centers have always been one of our specialties.  A lot has changed since we built our first data center, but clients keep coming back to us because they recognize how we have been able to keep up with the changes in network wiring, power distribution/management, security, and backup power for data centers.


Products that we have installed and or provided include but not limited to:

Computer and Electronic Equipment:  Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Apple, Lenovo

Cabinets and Frames: Middle Atlantic, Great Lakes, CTI

Cabling (Copper and Fiber) and Cable Management: Mohawk, Berk-Tek, General, Corning, Superior Essex, AFL,Ortronics

Power/ Power distribution: Liebert, MGE, APC, Avocent Power, ASCO, Piller, Cummings, B Tech Systems, HO Penn, GE, Eaton, Cyberex

Other Products: Siemens, Leviton, Norcomm


Sample Projects:

New York City Department of Information Technology – Primary Citywide Data Center

Project included:   New PDU and RPP  power distribution system.    95 miles of fiber and 58 miles of copper  in 4,000 square feet of data center space.  Installation of new Cabinets,  frames, and overhead fiber and data tray system.  Avocent  Power System in all cabinets.  TZ and Hirsch cabinet locking and  security system.


New York City Emergency Call Center (911)

Project included:

New Power and distribution system consisting of: Multiple UPS Systems, Multiple Generators, PDUs, ATS’s,  Switchgear, DC Control Power Supplies, Mimic Panels,  Static transfer Switches.

New Radio Systems consisting of: Racks, antennas, dispatch systems and cabling.

New Communications System including: Wiring for 325 call taker positions which required 4 TR closets, fiber, coaxial cable, CAT5e cable, 25 pair Cable, 7 pair shielded cable.  extensive grounding and cable tray system.


Multex (now Thompson Reuters) – Data Centers

New Power and distribution system consisting of: Multiple UPS Systems, Multiple Generators, PDUs, ATS’s, Switchgear,and Mimic Panels.  

Installation of new Cabinets,  frames, and overhead and below floor  fiber and data tray system.


NYNEX ( now Verizon and Virgin Media)
Multiple Data Centers (new construction and retrofits) throughout USA and England.


For further information on H&L Electric’s Data Center work please contact us.